In Fond Memory of Lee Lorch

Lee Lorch
The great Lee Lorch passed away this morning, February 28, 2014, in Toronto. For those who do not know Lee, he was a towering figure in the civil rights movement, a champion of human rights around the globe, and a brave warrior for equal opportunity and access in the mathematics community.

There would be no EDGE were it not for Lee. In 1990 in Atlanta, at the joint meetings, he introduced Sylvia and Rhonda, saying “you two should know one another.”

Professor Lorch was in residence at Bryn Mawr for the first EDGE Program in 1998. He was always busy writing petitions, lending support and inspiration to those who were in need, and fighting the good fight.

While we mourn his passing, on the last day of Black History Month, we celebrate and honor an extraordinary life well-lived. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Lee’s family. He is our hero.

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