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Supporting the next generation of STEM leaders.
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The EDGE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing gender and racial equity in mathematics. Together, we can inspire excellence and leadership to enrich the workforce, transform STEM education, and propel innovative research.

Our Work: Showing What Is Possible

Our Challenge

STEM fields cannot flourish if brilliant minds are excluded.

Women and BIPOC mathematicians are drastically underrepresented in the highest levels of the mathematical sciences due to systemic barriers.

Raegan mentoring EDGE student.

Our Programs

EDGE puts its mission of increasing gender and racial equity in STEM into action through the following programs:


We Uplift Leaders

Since 1998, EDGE has provided programs that support women in their pursuit of careers in the mathematical sciences. These efforts produce a ripple effect throughout the mathematics community. Alumni of our programs are empowered to become leaders in education, industry, and research. Their achievements address the disparity currently present at the highest level of STEM work and pave the way for others to strive for success.

EDGE By The Numbers


of EDGE Summer Program alumni have either received a graduate degree or are still in graduate school


of all Black women who earned math PhDs in the US from 2003-2018 are EDGE alumnae


PhDs earned by EDGE Summer Program alumni

Our Approach: Building A Diverse Community

We equip our participants with confidence in their abilities, a strong mathematical foundation, and a life-long support network.

“It is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. EDGE gave me the village I needed to continue to cherish why I love math and to always remember that I belong here.”

– EDGE Summer Program ’23 alumna