Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders in Mathematics

The EDGE Program is designed to strengthen the ability of women and minority students to successfully complete graduate programs in the mathematical sciences.

Increased diversity in the mathematics community will ultimately strengthen U.S. competitiveness in mathematics and science and allow people from all backgrounds and cultures to thrive, advance, and contribute to the profession.

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Summer Program

EDGE provides multiple immersion and networking opportunities, including:

  • Two core courses in analysis and algebra/linear algebra;
  • Mini-courses in vital areas of mathematical research in pure and applied mathematics;
  • Short-term visitors from academia and industry;
  • Graduate student mentors;
  • Problem sessions.

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Ongoing Mentoring and Support Network

EDGE sponsors five regional Mentoring Clusters for women in the mathematical sciences. Following the EDGE summer program, an ongoing mentoring program and support network is established with the participants’ respective graduate programs.

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