Dr. Karoline Pershell (E03) is Awarded the AWM Service Award 2024

Dr. Karoline Pershell (E03) was named a recipient of the 2024 Service Award by the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM). Dr. Pershell is being recognized for her exceptional work in making the mathematics community more welcoming, inclusive and warm through her continuous and enthusiastic involvement with the AWM. The Service Award recognizes individuals who [...]

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Marcella Manivel (E22) and Kimberly Hadaway (E21) Earn the NSF GRFP Award

Two recent EDGE alumnae, Marcella Manivel (E22) and Kimberly Hadaway (E21), received a 2023 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GFRP) award! We are excited to follow their research in this new part of their graduate journey. Learn more here: Mathematics graduate student awarded NSF fellowship, Iowa State University Marcella Manivel receives NSF [...]

2023-08-03T17:13:57+00:00May 26th, 2023|Awards, News|

Ingrid Daubechies (EDGE Board Member) Earns 2023 Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Congratulations to EDGE community member and board member Ingrid Daubechies! Ingrid Daubechies earned the 2023 Wolf Prize for her work in wavelet theory and applied harmonic analysis. The Wolf Prize recognizes "achievements in the interest of humanity and friendly relations among people." We are overjoyed to celebrate this major achievement! For more information, read the [...]

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Katrina Harden Williams (EDGE ’00) Tapped For National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group

Congratulations to Katrina Harden Williams (EDGE '00) who has been named by Vice President Kamala Harris to serve on the National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group (UAG). According to the White House, "the UAG will provide the National Space Council advice and recommendations on matters related to space policy and strategy, including but not limited [...]

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Mathematically Gifted & Black Earns 2022 AWM Presidential Recognition Award

Congratulations to Mathematically Gifted & Black for earning the 2022 AWM Presidential Recognition Award! As the AWM announcement describes, "the AWM Presidential Recognition Award was established in 2014 to recognize those individuals who, or programs that have significantly increased and/or supported women in mathematics." Mathematically Gifted & Black (MGB) was established in 2016 with the [...]

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Katrina Harden Williams (EDGE ’00) Earns 2022 Trailblazing STEM Educator Award

Congratulations to Katrina Harden Williams (EDGE '00), who was named a 2022 Trailblazing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Educator Awardee by the Challenger Center and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). The award celebrates K-12 teachers going above and beyond to inspire the next generation of explorers and innovators. Katrina Harden Williams, [...]

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Dr. Malena Español announced as 2022 Karen EDGE Fellow

The EDGE Foundation is delighted to announce Dr. Malena Español as the recipient of the Karen EDGE Fellowship. Dr. Español was selected on the basis of her excellent research programs and her plans to use the funds for enhancing those programs through collaboration and travel. The Karen EDGE Fellowship is an opportunity for Dr. Español [...]

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Candice Price (EDGE Faculty) Awarded NSF LEAP-MPS Grant

Congratulations to Candice Price (EDGE Faculty) for securing an NSF Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways grant!!! Dr. Price received the Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences (LEAPS-MPS) for my research in DNA topology.  The project's research objectives are to classify experimentally obtained images of products of protein-DNA interactions; to accurately model strand [...]

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Karamatou Yacoubou Djima (E08) Awarded NSF LEAP-MPS Grant

Congratulations to Karamatou Yacoubou Djima (E08) for securing an NSF Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways grant!!! Karamatou's proposal, titled "Uncovering and Exploiting Multiscale Structures in Big Data Using Diffusion-Based Representation and Optimal Sampling," was awarded the grant amounting to $150,785.00 last August. The research project introduces new theories and algorithms to address aspects of graph data [...]

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