Dr. Arielle Leitner (E09) Publishes “An Invitation to Coarse Groups” in Springer Link

In collaboration with Dr. Federico Vigolo, Dr. Arielle Leitner (E09) published the book An Invitation to Coarse Groups, which will be featured in Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics. The book's two parts reflect its dual purpose: to lay the foundation for a theory and provide an entry-level introduction, and to invite further research by leading to [...]

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Alexis Hardesty (E18) Earned her PhD from Texas Tech University

Congratulations to Alexis Hardesty (E18) for successfully defending her dissertation at Texas Tech University! Her dissertation title was "Differential Graded Algebra Structures on Minimal Free Resolutions of Length Three." Dr. Hardesty is now an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Texas Woman's University. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Hardesty's teaching statement. "My overall goal [...]

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Dr. Susan D’Agostino (E98) is Awarded the Spencer Fellowship at Columbia University

Dr. Susan D'Agostino (E98) was awarded the Spencer Fellowship for Education Reporting Award at Columbia Journalism School for the 2023-2024 academic year. This fellowship awards journalists and educators who want to develop and publish a long-term project that advances public understanding of education. Susan D'Agostino is currently a mathematician and technology reporter at Inside Higher [...]

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Sarah Strikwerda (E18) Earned Her PhD!

We are delighted to share that Sarah Strikwerda (E18) earned her PhD in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University. Additionally, Sarah will be starting a postdoc program at UPenn this upcoming fall! We are beyond proud to see our EDGE alumnae achieve their goals and are honored to be part of their journey!

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Marcella Manivel (E22) and Kimberly Hadaway (E21) Earn the NSF GRFP Award

Two recent EDGE alumnae, Marcella Manivel (E22) and Kimberly Hadaway (E21), received a 2023 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GFRP) award! We are excited to follow their research in this new part of their graduate journey. Learn more here: Mathematics graduate student awarded NSF fellowship, Iowa State University Marcella Manivel receives NSF [...]

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Ingrid Daubechies (EDGE Board Member) Earns 2023 Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Congratulations to EDGE community member and board member Ingrid Daubechies! Ingrid Daubechies earned the 2023 Wolf Prize for her work in wavelet theory and applied harmonic analysis. The Wolf Prize recognizes "achievements in the interest of humanity and friendly relations among people." We are overjoyed to celebrate this major achievement! For more information, read the [...]

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Katrina Harden Williams (EDGE ’00) Tapped For National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group

Congratulations to Katrina Harden Williams (EDGE '00) who has been named by Vice President Kamala Harris to serve on the National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group (UAG). According to the White House, "the UAG will provide the National Space Council advice and recommendations on matters related to space policy and strategy, including but not limited [...]

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Talithia Williams (EDGE ’00) hosts PBS NOVA documentary “Zero to Infinity”

Dr. Talithia Williams (EDGE '00) hosts an exciting new mathematics documentary entitled Zero to Infinity. Zero to Infinity tells the story of our quest to understand numbers as we take a step back and turn our attention to the digits themselves – exploring their origins and discovering the wonder that arises from simple, yet profound [...]

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Lara Ismert (E13) advances Operator Algebras Mentor Network (OAMN)

Another EDGEr initiative has come to life. Lara Ismert, a member of the 2013 EDGE cohort, has worked collaboratively to create the Operator Algebras Mentor Network (OAMN). OAMN's mission is as follows: Retain operator algebraists who are underrepresented or in minority within mathematics due to gender Provide early-career operator algebraists with a trusted ally in [...]

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Mathematically Gifted & Black Earns 2022 AWM Presidential Recognition Award

Congratulations to Mathematically Gifted & Black for earning the 2022 AWM Presidential Recognition Award! As the AWM announcement describes, "the AWM Presidential Recognition Award was established in 2014 to recognize those individuals who, or programs that have significantly increased and/or supported women in mathematics." Mathematically Gifted & Black (MGB) was established in 2016 with the [...]

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