Raegan Higgins (E02, Summer Program Co-Director) working with a students during EDGE 2014.

The EDGE Program is in its 22nd year and we feel strongly about its positive impact on individual women in the mathematical sciences and on the mathematical sciences community at large. To ensure that EDGE program activities continue, we were thrilled to announce the establishment of the Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes EDGE Foundation. With 501(c)(3) status, this is an organization dedicated to supporting the mathematics community in its efforts to increase the numbers of women persisting in careers in the mathematical sciences.

Your contribution makes a difference.

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OR send a check made payable to the Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes EDGE Foundation to the address below. All unspecified contributions will support the EDGE general fund. We are deeply appreciative of your generous support!

Ways to support:

The EDGE Foundation is committed to creating, identifying and disseminating programs and strategies that improve the persistence of women and minority graduate students, and contribute to the development of a diverse mathematical community. The EDGE Foundation has established a number of initiatives for the community to help EDGE achieve its mission.

The Manley-McPherson Presidential Fund – A general fund to support the EDGE Summer Program that honors the two College Presidents who welcomed the EDGE Program to their campuses, created an academic environment where such faculty initiatives were nurtured and valued, and supported the program as it grew and expanded.

Karen - EDGE Fellowship

The Karen EDGE Fellowship Fund – The Karen EDGE Fellowship Fund supports and enhances the research programs and collaborations of mid-career mathematicians who are members of an underrepresented minority group.

MileEDGE for Women – Donate your frequent flyer miles to support the travel of mathematicians to participate in our summer program, produce research, and attend conferences.

Roy Radner Travel Fund – Roy Radner strongly believed in the value of collaboration and discussion––of extending the research conversation beyond national borders. Please consider supporting EDGE to as a way of remembering Roy and giving new life to the ideas that he promoted.

Increase Your Impact

Did you know that your employer can support us too? At some organizations, when you make a donation, you can request a matching gift from your employer. Check with your employer today to increase your gift’s impact.


Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes EDGE Foundation
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