Alison Marr

Carlos Barron Photography

The Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes EDGE Foundation is pleased to announce that EDGE alum and faculty member Dr. Alison Marr will be stepping into the role of Summer Program Co-Director.

EDGE Co-Director Alison Marr is a Professor and holder of the Garey Chair in Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She has been at Southwestern since 2007 and has served as Department Chair and co-chair of the Transforming Paideia Initiative, a program which vastly expanded interdisciplinary learning at Southwestern. Alison’s research interests include graph theory (in general), graph labeling (more specifically), and recreational mathematics. In 2012, she published her book Magic Graphs, co-authored with W. D. Wallis. She is active in the inquiry-based learning (IBL) community serving on the MLI Board of Directors and the editorial board of JIBLM, was the first secretary-treasurer for the IBL SIGMAA, and co-organized two IBL mini-conferences.  

Mentors have played a vital role in Alison’s development and thus she seeks to pay that forward by providing support and mentoring opportunities for her students, peers, colleagues, and women in math. In 2016, Alison co-founded the EQUIP program at Southwestern University that works to create community and provide support for a small cohort of incoming STEM students each year.  She is a mentor for the Math Alliance and has mentored multiple undergraduate research projects that have turned into publications. She also served as a 2019 Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Fellow at Southwestern focusing on providing mentoring for mid-career faculty. Alison is a member of the 2002 EDGE cohort, and has been an instructor for the program for several years. She became Co-Director of the EDGE Summer Program in 2020.

Alison will join Dr. Raegan Higgins in organizing and running future EDGE Summer Programs. The EDGE Summer Program, which is a bridge program for women about to enter PhD programs in mathematics, has supported over 100 women in earning their PhDs, with alumnae in leadership roles in academia, industry, and government. Both Alison and Raegan attended the Summer Program in 2002, and have remained involved in EDGE’s programming, all the while developing new initiatives within their own communities to support women and underrepresented minorities’ success in mathematics. To read more about this inspirational pair, visit our Director’s page. Dr. Ami Radunskaya, who has served as EDGE Co-Director since 2011 and directed 9 Summer Programs, will continue her service to the EDGE organization as President of the Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes EDGE Foundation, and looks forward to the work Alison and Raegan will do together. Ami writes, “Alison has been a vital part of EDGE since 2002, when she and her cohort developed the first (but not the only!) EDGE dance. Alison has a long track record of mathematical and pedagogical innovation, effective mentoring, and, well, she’s brilliant designing fun activities! I am thrilled to see Alison and Raegan join forces and lead the EDGE program into its next phase.”

We are so excited to have you in this role, Alison, and look forward to the great summers to come!