Alejandra Alvarado

Featured Speaker

EDGE ‘02. Associate Professor in Mathematics, Eastern Illinois University. 

Alejandra Alvarado is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Eastern Illinois University. She received her BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics, with a minor in Physics from San Jose State University. She went on to earn her M.S. from the University of Arizona and Ph.D. from Arizona State University. Her research focus is on Diophantine equations.

Alejandra is a 2002 EDGE alum, and has since returned as a mentor and instructor. Additionally, she co-hosted the EDGE Program at Purdue University in 2016. Following her passion to support underrepresented students and women in their mathematical journey, Alejandra continues to give back to her community. She participates as well as organizes panel discussions on mentorship, research, and careers; she also serves on several AWM committees.