Malena Español

Featured Speaker

Assistant Professor in Computational Mathematics, Arizona State University. 

Malena Español is an Assistant Professor in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Arizona State University. She has a Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master’s and PhD in Mathematics from Tufts University. Malena was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Institute of Technology, before starting a faculty position at The University of Akron where she received tenure and was promoted to associate professor in 2018. Her research interests are in the development, analysis, and application of mathematical models and numerical methods for solving problems arising in science and engineering, with a focus on problems related to materials science, image processing, and medical applications. In 2018, she co-organized the Women in Math of Materials (WIMM) workshop and helped to create a research community for WIMM. Malena was one of the editors of the Springer AWM Series volume “Research in the Mathematics of Materials Science.” which highlights the research work of women in this area and was published last year. Malena is the lead organizer of AMIGAS, a new summer program for graduate students in applied and computational mathematics.  Malena was awarded the 2022 Karen EDGE Fellowship.