Congratulations to Karamatou Yacoubou Djima (E08) for securing an NSF Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways grant!!! Karamatou’s proposal, titled “Uncovering and Exploiting Multiscale Structures in Big Data Using Diffusion-Based Representation and Optimal Sampling,” was awarded the grant amounting to $150,785.00 last August. The research project introduces new theories and algorithms to address aspects of graph data challenges that have impacts on diverse segments of society, including imaging tools used by medical professionals to diagnose and treat diseases and on applications ranging from the regulatory networks describing the interactions between genes, RNA, and proteins in the brain, to hardware and sensor technology. The project also involves training and mentoring undergraduate students, particularly students from underrepresented groups with less exposure to careers in science and technology. The intent is to motivate and prepare them for careers in advanced mathematical sciences and increase the global competitiveness of the US-based STEM workforce. Other activities include promoting equity and inclusion in STEM fields through public lectures and coordinated outreach activities.

The Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways (LEAPS-MPS) funding opportunity aims to help launch the careers of pre-tenure faculty in Mathematical and Physical Sciences fields at minority-serving institutions, predominantly undergraduate institutions, and Carnegie Research 2 universities, with the goal of achieving excellence through diversity.