Another EDGEr initiative has come to life. Lara Ismert, a member of the 2013 EDGE cohort, has worked collaboratively to create the Operator Algebras Mentor Network (OAMN). OAMN’s mission is as follows:

  • Retain operator algebraists who are underrepresented or in minority within mathematics due to gender
  • Provide early-career operator algebraists with a trusted ally in the event of abuse/harassment
  • Provide a source of career advice for mentees outside of their home institutions and to support underrepresented or minority mathematicians in their career
  • Provide nonjudgmental, confidential, solicited advice on work-life balance and career
  • Forge connections between mathematicians and increase the visibility of underrepresented or minority operator algebraists
  • Cooperate with organizations with similar goals
  • Provide a network for people supporting this mission
  • Improve mentorship skills of mathematicians

Similar to the EDGE Foundation, OAMN seeks to increase gender equity in mathematics through evidence-based mentoring practices. OAMN joins a host of organizations founded by EDGE alumnae who increase equity in the mathematical sciences. Congratulations, Lara!

To learn more about OAMN, visit their website. Mathematicians in operator algebra can sign up to be a mentee or mentor. To get involved, click here.