With the support of the National Science Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The EDGE Program accepted its first cohort in 1998 at Bryn Mawr College with a group of 8 students. Bryn Mawr College and Spelman College alternated hosting the summer program until 2003 when, for the first time, the program was held at Pomona College. Since then, University of Tennessee, Texas Tech University, and University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, among many others, have hosted the EDGE Summer Program. In each year’s pages, you will find the range of participants, instructors, mentors and other mathematicians deeply committed to seeing the goals of the program realized.

EDGE 2024
Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville
EDGE 2023
Brown University
EDGE 2022
University of Oxford
EDGE 2021
Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities
EDGE 2020
EDGE 2019
Pomona College
EDGE 2018
Texas Tech University
EDGE 2017
Mills College
EDGE 2016
Purdue University
EDGE 2015
Howard University
EDGE 2014
Harvey Mudd College
EDGE 2013
New College of Florida
EDGE 2012
Pomona College
EDGE 2011
Florida A&M University
EDGE 2010
NC State University
EDGE 2009
Spelman College
EDGE 2008
Pomona College
EDGE 2006
New College of Florida
EDGE 2005
N.C. A&T State University
EDGE 2004
Spelman College
EDGE 2003
Pomona College
EDGE 2002
Bryn Mawr College
EDGE 2001
Spelman College
EDGE 2000
Bryn Mawr College
EDGE 1999
Spelman College
EDGE 1998
Bryn Mawr College