of EDGE Summer Program alumni have either received a graduate degree or are still in graduate school

The EDGE Summer Program helps women thrive in mathematics.

The EDGE Summer Program is a four-week, residential session designed to prepare a cohort of women to thrive in their PhD programs in the mathematical sciences. Program participants attend daily lectures in subjects such as Algebra, Analysis, Measure Theory, and Machine Learning. EDGE coursework is designed to prepare participants for graduate research and qualification exams, while also providing practical experience in a rigorous academic setting. Participants delve deeper into these subjects through collaborative daily problem sessions with guidance from EDGE mentors, who are current graduate students and often EDGE alumnae.

Research presentations, colloquia, and community-building events fill out the program. Past EDGE participants attend the Annual Summer Symposium, a conference held during the Program, to present research and network with current participants, mentors, and facilitators. During the Difficult Dialogues sessions, participants examine equity and identity within the mathematics profession. The personal and professional network built during the Program serves as a support structure for the EDGE participant cohort throughout their graduate studies and beyond.

Through the EDGE Summer Program, you will:

  1. Gain a practical grounding in graduate-level work through rigorous coursework. EDGE includes daily classes in algebra, analysis, measure theory, and machine learning that provide preparation for qualifying exams. Participants work through problem sets collaboratively and receive detailed feedback from EDGE facilitators.
  2. Develop collaborative and interpersonal skills key to your success in STEM. Participants participate in daily collaborative problem sessions, honing their collaborative abilities and forging lasting connections with other students and EDGE mentors.
  3. Cultivate thoughtful consideration on issues of equity and identity within the mathematics profession. Through the Difficult Dialogues sessions, participants are encouraged to bring all of their identity to the table. These sessions strengthen participants’ ability to support themselves and their peers.
  4. Broaden your mathematical horizon through research talks and events. The EDGE Summer Program incorporates numerous colloquia, panels, and special events. Participants meet mathematicians from myriad fields and gain insight into cutting edge research efforts.
  5. Build a personal and professional network that supports you throughout your graduate studies and beyond. Throughout the program, participants build strong connections with fellow students, peer mentors, program facilitators, and visitors to the program – connections that last a lifetime.
Applicants to the program should be women or gender nonconforming individuals who 1) are applying to PhD programs in the mathematical sciences, or 2) just completed their first year in a PhD program in the mathematical sciences.

We especially encourage applications from underrepresented minority groups. Final acceptance to the program is contingent upon enrollment in a PhD program in the fall. This year, we are requiring all participants be fully vaccinated by the time of acceptance.

For more information on eligibility and submitting your application, please see our FAQs. For additional questions, please email

Submit your application here. Applications are due February 15, 2024.

A complete application includes the following:
  • A completed coversheet (completed on through MathPrograms, our application portal).
  • A short (two to three paragraphs) personal statement describing your academic goals and the expected value of the EDGE Summer Program in achieving those goals. In this statement, describe your personal and professional experiences that will enhance and contribute to the diversity of the EDGE community.
  • A current CV or resume.
  • An undergraduate transcript and, if applicable, a transcript of your graduate work.
  • 2 letters of reference from people who can speak to your ability to succeed in graduate school.

For more information on eligibility and submitting your application, please see our FAQs. For additional questions, please email

The 2024 EDGE Summer Program will take place at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville from June 2 through June 29.

Important Information regarding the 2024 EDGE Summer Program

Participants must be willing to take COVID-19 PCR tests once in Knoxville.