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I want to become an EDGE instructor; what are the responsibilities and how do I apply?

There are a total of four EDGE instructors each summer – two team teach Analysis and two team teach Algebra. Each course is broken up into two week sessions. For each course, the instructors work together to determine what material is covered. Instructors are given a general syllabus from past summers to help with this process, as well as course notes. An instructor must be available to teach for a two week-period in June. Classes are held three times each week, for 1.5 hours per class. Some office hours are recommended, and instructors generally spend time getting to know the students by attending social engagements and occasionally visiting the study sessions in the evening. We also expect that instructors will take personal time for their own work and personal enjoyment. An office and a computer are provided. For more information, contact EDGE.

How do I become a faculty mentor? What are their responsibilities?

The basic responsibility is to establish a rapport and a mode of consistent communication with one EDGE student during the school year following the EDGE program. If you have an EDGE student at your institution and you wish to be a mentor, contact EDGE.

I’m interested in hosting the EDGE program at my institution. How do I proceed?

The EDGE program is seeking departments and faculty with a history of encouraging women to pursue graduate work in mathematics: contact EDGE.

What type of students are you looking for?

We believe it strengthens our program to have diversity amongst the women accepted into our program. Therefore, we seek women from small and large institutions. We seek women with extremely strong backgrounds in both Algebra and Analysis as well as women who have substantial holes in those areas. We seek traditional students who are going directly from undergraduate programs to Ph.D. programs as well as those who may have been out of school for a substantial period of time. The basic eligibility criteria are that students must be seeking a Ph.D. and must NOT have had more than one year of graduate studies in the mathematical sciences. Check eligibility for further details.

Will you accept more than one student from an institution?

Yes. There is no advantage or disadvantage to recommending more than one student at the same time. If we have already had a student from your institution attend the EDGE program we still encourage you to send us your students.