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A Mathematician’s Journey From Mentee to Mentor: Reflections on the EDGE Program

by Sarah Bryant and Alejandra Alvarado
Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, July, 2017.
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Hidden Figures in Math

by Susan Dagostino and Sylvia Trimble Bozeman
Ms Magazine Blog, November, 2016.
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The EDGE program: mentoring women pursuing careers in the mathematical sciences

by Sarah Bryant and Karoline Pershell,
University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference, 2015.

The EDGE Program: Adding Value Through Diversity

by Sylvia Bozeman, Rhonda Hughes, and Ami Radunskaya
Building Diversity in Advanced Mathematics: Models that Work, Patricia Hale and Abbe Herzig, eds., to appear.
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Changing the Culture of Math

by Edna Francisco
Science, September 16, 2005.
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Improving the Graduate School Experience for Women in Mathematics: The EDGE Program

by Sylvia T. Bozeman and Rhonda J. Hughes
Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 10 (2004), 243-253.
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Strength in Numbers

by Robin Wilson
Chronicle of Higher Education, July 18, 2003.
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Life on the EDGE

by Diana Campbell
AWM Newsletter, Vol. 32, No. 1. January-February 2002.

Graduate Education: Rethinking Our Response

by Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes,
Special Edition, Mathematicians in Education Reform Newsletter on Minorities in Mathematics,
Summer 2000, vol. 12, No. 3.

Smoothing the Transition to Graduate Education

by Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes,
Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 46, (1999), 347-348.

Encouraging Women in Mathematics: The Spelman-Bryn Mawr Mathematics Program

by Sylvia Bozeman and Rhonda Hughes,
in “Women in Mathematics – Scaling the Heights,” Deborah Nolan, ed.,
MAA Notes, 46
, The Mathematical Association of America, 1997.

Black Women Mathematicians: In Short Supply

by Sylvia Bozeman,
SAGE, Vol. VI, No. 2, (Fall, 1989).

EDGE in the News

Getting ready for grad school

by Benjamin Y. Lowe The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 29, 2002.