EDGE Reach will run June 9 – 30, 2021. This program will prepare participants to enter an increasingly computational research community and workforce. Furthermore, the program will provide the EDGE Reach cohort with a wider community of women mathematicians, who can provide support and career opportunities. Lastly, participants will practice collaborative, online learning, an essential skill in our changing work/study practices.

The program will consist of:

  • MATLAB mini-course (3 synchronous classes)
  • Machine Learning course (6 asynchronous lectures)
  • 4-6 problem sets in Machine Learning
  • Collaborative problem sessions (4 synchronous sessions)

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate from the EDGE Foundation.

View the 2021 EDGE Reach cohort.

Eligibility Applicants to the program should be women who: 1) who have been accepted into mathematics PhD programs in the mathematical sciences, to start in the Fall of 2021 or 2) just completed their first year in a PhD program in the mathematical sciences. Must have access to a laptop or computer and internet. Programming experience is not required but an excitement to learn is required! Women from underrepresented minority groups are especially encouraged to apply. Final acceptance to the program is contingent upon enrollment in a PhD program in Fall 2021.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a stipend for participants of EDGE Reach.

To apply, please fill out the cover sheet, and submit the following:

  • A short (two to three paragraphs) personal statement, describing your academic goals, and the expected value of the EDGE Reach program in achieving those goals.
  • A current CV or resume.
  • An undergraduate transcript and, if applicable, a transcript of your graduate work.

Application Deadline: Applications for EDGE 2021 are closed.

If you are not applying to a PhD program in the fall, or have been in a PhD program for more than one year, then you are not eligible for EDGE Reach 2021. Please email us if you have questions.