Nathan Vierling-Claassen

Featured Speaker

EDGE ‘02. Long Postdoc, Jump to Industry, Family Crises & Early Retirement: Lessons in flexibility beyond EDGE.

Nathan Vierling-Claassen is a 2002 EDGE alum, after undergrad in math and music at University of Nebraska — Lincoln. He got his Ph.D. in mathematics from Boston University in 2007, where he focused on dynamical systems and differential equations. During postdoctoral work at MIT and Brown, he studied systems neuroscience, conducting both computational and experimental research. Nathan then moved to private sector data science & software, working at Wayfair from 2016 to 2022, where he was Associate Director of Data Science, leading a team of ten who developed tools for evaluating and optimizing the company’s 1B+ annual marketing portfolio. In 2022 Nathan retired from paid employment to focus on family caretaking.