Omayra Ortega

Featured Speaker

EDGE ‘01. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Sonoma State University. President of the National Association of Mathematicians Inc.

Omayra Ortega is a 2001 EDGE alum. She is an Associate Professor of Mathematics & Statistics at Sonoma State University, where she specializes in mathematical epidemiology, data science, and quantitative justice. After receiving her BA from Pomona College, she earned her MS and PhD in applied mathematics and computational science from the University of Iowa, where she also was awarded her Masters of Public Health. 

Omayra’s research focuses on mathematical modeling, with a specific interest on how mathematical and statistical tools can be used to mitigate emerging issues in healthcare, public health, and education. Since 2007, Omayra has directed the Mathematical Epidemiology Research Group (MERG). She currently serves as the President of the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM), where she was previously the newsletter editor. Omayra is also passionate about increasing the participation of women and minorities in science, for which she has organized an annual Sonia Kovalesky High School Mathematics Days and Equity-focused workshops at several institutions throughout the country.