Raquel Lopez

Featured Speaker

EDGE ‘05. Professor of Mathematics, Paradise Valley Community College.

Raquel is a mathematics professor and educator at Paradise Valley Community College. A byproduct of community college, Raquel highly believes that community colleges truly reflect diversity. Her work is rooted in the belief that a great education spreads knowledge and this can influence positive social change.

To teach is to learn: Raquel is a dreamer and lifelong learner; She first became passionate about teaching mathematics and mentoring back in graduate school during her years as a graduate student teaching associate at Arizona State University. Raquel earned her Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 2012. Her love for research and helping others is what led her to pursue a career in teaching mathematics after graduation.

 Networking is key: In life or in education, she knows that humans cannot do it alone. She credits her forever family of mentors and sisters from EDGE for forging her path to her academic career and for supporting her without a reservation. It’s thanks to their positivity, life mentoring, letters of recommendation, connections and unconditional support that she was able to pursue and complete a Ph.D. and get the job of her dreams.

Life Balance: Raquel is a strong advocate of balancing life and academia with sports and a healthy lifestyle. In her free time, she enjoys nature hiking, watching Netflix with the family. Raquel really enjoys traveling to new places and learning from different cultures. She is fluent in Spanish and speaks bits of French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. She is also an avid, competitive athlete (as she has been for most of her life) and her most current endeavor is training to prepare to compete in her first ever bodybuilding competition in 2024.