Sarah Khasawinah

Featured Speaker

EDGE ‘09. Deputy Staff Director, United States Senate.

Sarah Khasawinah is a 2009 EDGE alum. She currently works as Deputy Staff Director in the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging in the Office of the Ranking Member, Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). She previously served Senators Susan Collins and Tim Scott. Khasawinah graduated from Bryn Mawr College with undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and English, as well as a Master’s degree in Mathematics. She earned a Doctoral degree in Mental Health (PhD) and a Master’s in Health Sciences in Biostatistics (MHS) from Johns Hopkins University. She has spearheaded teams in the development of more than a dozen bipartisan bills that have been signed into law to address public health, the opioid epidemic, retirement security, elder justice, and other national imperatives.